After graduation cum laude in Analytical Chemistry in 1997, Francesca Modugno received her PhD in Chemical Science from University of Pisa in 2001. Her doctoral thesis dealt with the development of analytical methods for the characterisation of paint binders and varnishes employing gas chro- matography-mass spectrometry. Since 2001 she is permanent lecturer and researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Pisa, teaching analytical chemistry and chemometrics. Her research activity within the Laboratory of Chemical Science for the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage (SCIBEC,, at the Department of Chemistry of University of Pisa, deals with the application of analytical methods based on chromatography and mass spectrometry to the characterisation and the study of the degradation of organic natural materials in historical and artistic objects, with specific attention to lipids, proteins, terpenic resins, natural waxes and lignocellu- losic polymers. Her current work also involves the investigation of degradation processes in archaeological waterlogged wooden artefacts by mean of pyrolysis methods. She is member of the Analytical Chemistry Division of Italian Chemical Society (SCI), of Italian Archaeometry Society (Aiar) and of the MaSC Users’ Group for Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography in Conservation Science. She cooperates with several institutions and re- search groups in Italian and Foreign Universities, research and conservation centres, and participates in national and internation projects on conservation science. Francesca Modugno is author of 30 publications on international ISI journals and more than 70 communications to national and international conferences.

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