Lecture 011.011


Since the 1970s, many artists and designers have been using sil- icone rubber for their work. Due to aging, material stress or other parameters like its elasticity the pieces made with silicone rubber tend to easily crack. Cracks pose problems for conservators. There are only a few ways to adhere silicone rubber because of its antiadhesive and chemically stable characteristics. This article gives a summary of the author’s diploma thesis, which deals with this problem. A number of different adhesives, including a cyanoacrylate-based, a silicid acid-based adhesive and two silicone self-developed rubbers are discussed with focus to their qualities in application and the resulting characteristics of the adhering in order to classify a number of adhesives for sil- icone rubber for different needs. Furthermore, some of those adhesives are tested by T-peel.

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