Call for Papers

By Rainer Schmitzberger, April 26, 2015

Prolonged to May 15, 2015

The Conservation Department,
Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich
is pleased to announce its fourth edition of the FUTURE TALKS conference series:

Processes. The Making of Design and Modern Art
Materials, Technologies and Conservation Strategies

October 28 to 30, 2015
Pinakothek of Modern, Munich, Germany

The FUTURE TALKS 015 is focussing on everything you’d always wanted to learn about the making of design and modern art and the conservation challenges related to this.
Recent advances in this field, addressing technology, design and production processes of modern materials, new and innovative treatment methods for degrading plastics as well as current research and ongoing projects will be presented. During the three day conference experts from all over the world (21 nations at the last FUTURE TALKS conference) will share their experiences and knowledge in this field.
Knowing very well that the conservation of modern materials is not only limited to design objects, a part of the programme is dedicated to conservation projects on modern/contemporary works of art.

The FUTURE TALKS 015 are focussing on:
The creative design process.
The implementation of an individual idea to three-dimensional models, mock-ups, prototypes and one-off pieces.
The materials, techniques and technologies used.
How do they influence the structural quality, the final appearance?
The  skilled specialists / companies included and the concessions which finally lead to the (serial) object.
How has the creative design process changed over time and what were / are / will be the consequences related to its conservation?
The conservator as a consultant for the designer?
The degradation of non-serial materials and its conservation.
The degradation of modern materials and its conservation.
Which role plays the original material in the conservation of models or the like?
Is there a difference between the conservation of drafts, models and final products
Exceptional use of relatively unknown or innovative / advanced  materials and how to handle / conserve them?
Innovative documentation techniques.
Practical examples of the conservation of the virtual modern design processes.

Papers outlining recent advances in this field are welcome including current research and ongoing projects where final results have not necessarily been obtained.
We all know that the conservation of this kind is not only limited to design objects. Therefore presentations of conservation projects on modern/contemporary works of art are very welcome, too.

how to apply
There are two ways to get involved, by either presenting a formal paper or submitting a poster. Preference for oral presentation will be given to papers dealing with current research. An abstract needs to be submitted for both options and should include:

– The full title of the paper
– Full names, postal addresses and e-mail address of the contact author
– A summary of the paper (between 300 and 500 words)
– Graphs, pictures, tables or references should not be included
– Papers for the conference should be tailored to a 25-minute presentation time frame

All works submitted must be original and not have been published elsewhere.
The language of the symposium and proceedings will be in English.
We kindly request that all submissions to be proof-read by a native English speaker.
The deadline for submission of abstracts is MAY 15, 2015.
A selection committee will review the abstracts and notify authors by May 15, 2015.
The presentations (lectures / posters) will be published in the form of postprints.
Authors will be required to submit a final paper to the organizers at the conference.
The papers will be subject to a peer review and editing process.
Participation from students and professionals from allied fields is highly encouraged.

The conference and associated publication will be in English.
There will also be social events and opportunities to visit local conservation studios, research labs, plastic producers and design studios!

The detailed conference program and further information about fees and registration will be posted mid-May 2015.

The Conservation Department of Die Neue Sammlung, The International Design Museum Munich

abstracts should be sent to
Tim Bechthold [Dipl.Rest.Univ.]
Head of Conservation

If you would like to discuss a proposed paper before submitting an abstract or would like further information do not hesitate to contact us.

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